Currencies and Payment Methods

CurrencyNamePayment MethodPayment Destination Account Type
EUREuroSEPA Credit Transfert (SCT)
SEPA Credit Transfert Instant (SCT INST)*
USDUS DollarsSociety for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT)IBAN
GBPBritish Pound SterlingFaster Payments (FPS)IBAN

*Instant payment in Euro (SCT INST) can be triggered using the preferInstantPayment field during Loan creation. To activate this payment method, please reach out to your dedicated Key Account Manager.

Unlocking new currencies

If for example you have access to EUR and want to pay in GBP or USD using Aria, please reach out to your dedicated Key Account Manager. If your eligibility is confirmed, we will send you a new bank account number for this currency, with information available in our API or dashboard.


You won't be able to create invoices and Loans in GBP if you don't have a dedicated account number for this purpose.


Our API and dashboard allow you to manage multiple currencies using a single account. However, there are some rules in place to prevent exchange rate issues and complicated use cases.

Invoices and Loans

The currency set on the Invoice should match the currency set on Loans, and vice versa.

Editing the currency of an Invoice will change currencies of attached Loans. To do so, all attached Loans should be in CREATED or REFUSED status.


Repayments must be made in the same currency as the Loan being repaid. Please ensure that you use the correct Bank account to repay each Loan. Using our repaymentReference when repaying in a Loan that was paid in £ will not trigger automated reconciliation.