Supported Countries

In our invoice financing services, the geographical scope of operations is a critical component that influences transaction eligibility. An invoice transaction typically involves two key parties: a Buyer and a Supplier. It's important to note that these parties may be located in different countries, adding an international dimension to the transaction.

To accommodate this, our platform maintains a list of available countries for Buyers (Debtors) and Suppliers (Users). However, the availability of countries varies based on the role of the party involved in the invoice financing process:

  1. Countries Available for Buyers: List of available countries when creating a Debtor, setting Credit limits, and managing Invoices with Debtors from these approved countries.
  2. Countries Available for Suppliers: List of approved countries when creating a User. This category is further divided into two segments:
    • Extended list - The platform (you) owns the Invoice: This broader list includes countries from which Suppliers can participate regardless of their role in the invoice assignment. In these scenarios, Suppliers can be associated with Loans within our platform.
    • The Supplier owns the Invoice: If a transaction implies a Supplier being the ultimate owner of the Invoice, the Supplier's country must be part of a specific subset of approved countries.

Please know that advance payments may be subject to rejection if they are linked to an invoice issued by a Supplier from a country not sanctioned by our platform for that specific transaction type.

Some countries also require our prior commercial approval, which we will discuss during your onboarding.

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