Credit Limit


With Credit Limits, you will be able to check the maximum credit amount Aria is willing to finance for a debtor.

Every Credit Limit includes debtor information and informs you about its outstanding Amount (total amount being advanced by Aria for this debtor, not repaid yet).

Every loan that is not repaid (REPAID status) will make this outstanding amount grow.

Having a validated limit and a sufficient credit amount will guarantee the acceptance of a loan.

Important: About German debtors

For German Debtors, first create a Debtor using our API to gather address details, then establish a Credit limit.


When a Credit Limit is registered, our robots πŸ€– will score the debtor profile in order to accept, revise, or refuse the registration. We provide 5 status:

  • PROCESSING: The Credit Limit is created but we could not assign an amount automatically
  • ONGOING_REVISION: A revision of the available amount has been triggered by a new registered Credit Limit and we could not assign an amount automatically
  • ACCEPTED: We accepted your Credit Limit request.
  • REVISED: We decided on a different amount than requested
  • REFUSED: We refused to finance this debtor.


REFUSED Credit Limits always comes with refusal reasons: See the full list. We strongly recommend not integrating automatic workflows using reasons as they might change over time.

The returned status informs you if the loan created for this debtor will be accepted or not. The total amount Aria is willing to finance will also be returned.

After registering a Credit Limit, you may expect two workflows:

  • Automatic control : The API returns a final status instantly (ACCEPTED, REVISED, REFUSED)
  • Manual control : The API returns a PROCESSING or ONGOING_REVISION status that will be updated later by our team

You can test these use cases in our sandbox, and subscribe to webhooks to be informed when a status change.

Request a higher Credit Limit

You can register a new Credit Limit for a given Debtor if you want to update the maximum amount allowed of an ACCEPTED, REFUSED, or REVISED Credit Limit.

  • This will set its status to ONGOING_REVISION.
  • The initial ACCEPTED or REVISED Credit Limit will still work while we review the new request.

About Loans

Credit Limits are useful if you want to know if a loan will be accepted or not in the future. If the debtor is linked to a Credit Limit whose outstanding amount exceeds the Credit Limit amount, the loan may be refused or take more time to validate.

About Quotes

Aria may create a Credit Limit on your behalf if you use our Quote integration.

You are able to get an instant Yes or No for each Quote request, but it’s not possible to be financed beyond the maximum credit amount defined by the Credit Limit associated with this Quote.

Handling multiple currencies for one Debtor

Our system allows you to create multiple Credit Limits for one Debtor, one per currency. It's important to note that we only give one financing envelope for one Debtor. The various Credit Limits you can create simply reflect the state of a single limit in different currencies.

  • The amounts on each Credit Limit represent the same financing envelop in different currencies.
  • The outstanding amounts on each Credit Limit represent the total of all Loans, regardless of the currency, converted into the currency of the CL.

Tests (sandbox)

If you want to test a Credit Limits integration, you can use our sandbox. You have to think and integrate these 2 use cases in your workflow:

  1. The Credit Limit is created with a final status (ACCEPTED / REVISED / REFUSED).
  2. The Credit Limit is created with a PROCESSING / ONGOING_REVISION status.

For this second use case, you will need to create a PROCESSING or ONGOING_REVISION Credit Limit, and change its status afterward in your sandbox dashboard.


You can also delete a Credit Limit on your sandbox dashboard if you want to make several tests.

To test the Credit Limit feature in the sandbox with every status, you can use one of these SIREN / VAT Number listed below in your Credit Limit registration.

StatusIdentifier typeIdentifierCompany Name (fixed value)Claimed amount
ACCEPTEDVAT NumberGB000000000test_vat_acceptedAny amount
ACCEPTEDSIREN000000000test_siren_acceptedAny amount
REVISEDVAT NumberGB000000001test_vat_revisedAmount different from 5000 EUR
REVISEDSIREN000000001test_siren_revisedAmount different from 5000 EUR
REFUSEDVAT NumberGB832832832test_vat_refusedAny amount
REFUSEDSIREN832832832test_siren_refusedAny amount


Credit Limits webhooks are available!