Once we accepted your Loan and made the payment, we expect a payback at a given time that we call dueDate.

When you are creating an Invoice, you have to set a repayment period (e.g 30 days) that will automatically set a due date. Valid repayment periods may be found in the config of your Company. We will compute the due date starting with the invoice date mentioned on the attached invoice. After this delay, Aria will consider the Loan as PAST_DUE and charge late fees.

Repayment process

The repayer (you, or the Debtor) has two options to repay Aria:

  1. Repay the entire Invoice
  2. Repay each Loan linked to one Invoice separately


We will help you to choose the best option with you during your onboarding process.

Repayment references

To instantly update the status of Loan(s) when the repayment is done, a unique repaymentReference (generated by Aria) can be specified in the label of the bank transfer made by you or the Debtor. When we receive the repayment, the Loan statuses are instantly updated.