Blocked and Refusal reasons

Credit Limits: Refusal reasons

DEBTOR_NOT_ELIGIBLEThe debtor was deemed not eligible by Aria. The Credit Limit is therefore refused. This may be because the Debtor was deemed too risky or because the debtor is in a country not covered by Aria.
DEBTOR_NOT_FOUND_OR_CLOSEDThe Debtor is closed or no longer in business.
OTHER_REASONThe Credit Limit has been refused for a reason that is unique to your case. Please contact support to find out the reason(s) why the loan is blocked.

Loans: Refusal reasons

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Loans: Blocked reasons


Our API generates specific descriptions for each code to be embedded seamlessly into your service. This feature enables our operations team to communicate details to your team members efficiently. The overview provided here aim to give you a basic understanding of what each code typically signifies.
These descriptions are only available for Blocked Loans as we speak.

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