User represents the business you want to pay (we usually call it the "beneficiary"). Before asking for a Loan, you need to create one. Users don't have an Aria account: it's your responsibility to create and maintain their profile on our product.

According to use cases, a User can be :

  • A Freelancer
  • A Supplier
  • A Vendor
  • A Service Provider

…but a User will always be the business company that benefits from Aria funding.

Identity check

KYC procedures have been set up to manage AML/CFT risks since Aria provides financing.
The following section tells you how to manage it with our API.

Before paying a user, you have to provide information that you can find in our API Reference. All information is mandatory to fully identify the beneficiary.

A proof of identity of the legal representative of the company might be required. You may send one of the following: ID, Passport, Resident Permit.


A Legal Representative Identity Proof Verification might not be required; its necessity will be determined by the payment/invoice process outlined during your onboarding procedure.

KYC docs verification is performed within a 24-hour time frame, from Monday to Friday (Paris Time Zone).

We provide 3 statuses:

  • PENDING: The KYC doc is not yet verified.
  • VALID: The KYC doc is valid.
  • INVALID: The KYC doc is invalid.

What’s Next