Our API allows you to pay your suppliers very quickly upon receipt of an invoice. It’s a standalone and fully automated tool that includes all the necessary features to manage your payments.

To grant you access to the API, Aria creates your Company and sends an invitation email to the first Member.

This first invited member will be in charge of inviting other stakeholders. You may then retrieve authentication tokens on the dashboard.

You can picture our API as a conversion funnel to pay your beneficiaries:

  1. Add a User (beneficiary) you want to pay
  2. (Optional) Create a Debtor to store contacts information
  3. Ask for a Quote and/or Credit limit to check debtor eligibility
  4. Create an Invoice, before creating a Loan
  5. Create a Loan to pay the User
  6. The debtor repays Aria directly or through you, via your PSP (Payment Service Provider)

That’s it! Feel free to navigate through our concepts before integrating our services.

What’s Next