Our API empowers platforms and buyers to provide their sellers with instant advance payments in multiple currencies across various countries.

Our product is designed to be extremely flexible to accommodate any payment flow. Should you require assistance on how to implement our service so it fits your specific needs after reading this complete guide, please reach out to us.

Here's a standard API workflow:

  1. Add a User (seller) you want to pay.
  2. (Optional) Create a Debtor (buyer).
  3. Request a Credit limit to check the Debtor eligibility to our service.
  4. Once you have an order or an Invoice, request a Quote to get an instant approval or rejection.
  5. Create an Invoice when it's issued.
  6. Create a Loan (advance payment) to pay the User.
  7. Make the Debtor repay Aria directly or through you, via your PSP (Payment Service Provider).

As this is a fairly standard flow, our services can extend further to include the redirection of funds to multiple counterparties at any point in the payment process. During your onboarding, we will assist you in designing the ideal implementation flow.

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