Lending Eligibility

The financial health of the company in charge of repaying financed invoices is the most important pre-acceptance criteria for Aria.

Before creating a Loan, we advise you to use the following two methods that can be integrated independently. Each request will be processed instantly.

  • Credit Limit: Get ahead by requesting a maximum outstanding amount that Aria can grant for the financing of future invoices. Useful to get the best visibility for a Debtor limit.
  • Quote: Ask if Aria is willing to finance a specific quote or invoice before creating a Loan. Useful for an instant integration, for a checkout experience for instance.
Credit LimitQuote
Main use caseMainly used to get the best visibility for a Debtor limit in order to create multiples Loans in the future.Mainly used for checkout experience.
Response timing✅ Instant most of the time
⏰ May take time if deeper investigations are needed for the debtor.
✅ Instant
Decision typeVariable decision overtime

ℹ️ You can register a new Credit Limit for a given Debtor at any time, if you want to ask for a higher maximum amount.
Static decision

ℹ️ The Quote decision and its amount can’t be changed.
Financing responseMaximum amount Aria is willing to finance for the Debtor

ℹ️ The financing decision returned may be more or less high to the amount asked, depending on the financial health of the debtor or the outstanding amount available. Also, Aria is able to manually revise the current maximum amount on-demand, with deeper investigation.
Yes or No for a precise amount available for a future unique loan.

ℹ️ If the response is positive, the financing decision will always fit with the amount asked.
Life timeCredit Limits never expire.
However, it could be revised downward or upward overtime.
60 days
Loan relationshipYou can create multiple loans in the limit of the maximum outstanding amount that Aria can grant for the financing of future invoices.A loan linked to a quote will be financed, if the response is positive.


Credit Limit may be integrated independently from Quote.

However, every Quote request will be backed by a Credit Limit for the debtor. This Credit Limit will be seamlessly created by Aria in order to give you a more global view of what Aria is able to finance.


As Credit Limits are used to get a maximum outstanding amount, they are subject to deeper investigations. Quote concept has a different approach: It's a yes/no request.

That's why we may sometimes accept a Credit Limit but refuse a Quote for a given debtor: The amount requested in your Quote could be too high for instance.

Supported country codes

To get the most out of our eligibility system, read Eligible countries & identifiers.