Quote is the best way to get an instant decision on a given order. We've designed and built this feature to suit all types of software and use-cases. For a chance to use it, please contact us so that we can set up a configuration with you.


With Quotes, get an immediate approval or rejection by Aria, for an order that's in the purchase or invoice stage.

Consider creating a quote in scenarios such as:

  • A buyer is at the checkout page, and you need to display payment options, including "Pay later".
  • A seller issues an invoice in your software and seeks confirmation of instant payout availability.
  • A buyer wants to verify instant payment eligibility for an uploaded invoice.
  • For additional scenarios, please contact us for guidance.


You'll begin by creating a Quote and providing the necessary information for the order. If the order is at the invoicing stage, you'll be able to send information about the invoice. It's not required but will help us approve your Quotes and Loans afterward.

The Quote will always be returned and decided instantly by our API, with a status, and one to multiple offers, including extended payment terms, associated fees, etc.

At the time of Loan creation, you can attach a Quote offer to the Loan so we can approve the payment if the Loan is linked to an offer that is still valid. Only one offer can be attached to many Loans for a given Invoice.

Quotes have an expiration date. After this date, we cannot guarantee acceptance of the Loan(s). You can refresh an expired Quote by creating a new one filling the same externalId.


We provide 2 status:

  • ACCEPTED: We accepted the Quote. It means you can expect your Loan to be accepted if it is linked to one of the offers.
  • REFUSED: We refused the Quote. We wont offer advance payments for this order.


Quotes don't come with refusal reasons (yet) but if you are interested in having this information, please reach out to us so we can talk about your use case!

Tests (sandbox)

To make the Quote feature work in sandbox, you will need to create some with this this dataset:

StatusIdentifier typeIdentifier
REFUSEDVAT NumberGB832832832
ACCEPTEDAny kindAny other identifier

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