Company includes all information Aria needs to know about you.

Creation and edition

You are not allowed to create your Company yourself, as we manage everything at the beginning to facilitate the onboarding. You just have to relax and stay in touch with us while we ask you about your SIREN, address, etc. Then, you will be able to access and edit some information.

Bank Details

Your Company includes Aria's bank details (repaymentMethod).
This should be used for Repayments (by you or directly by the debtor).


Members are your colleagues. If you want, you may invite them to your company and let them access information on the dashboard.


  • manager: Add, edit and delete everything (usually used by CFO, CEO…)
  • readwrite: Add, edit and delete everything, except Company (usually used by operational profiles, project managers…)
  • readonly: Read only, obviously (usually used by developers)

What’s Next