Eligible countries and identifiers

Some concepts come with an ID that Aria needs to respond to the request. For example, a debtorIdentifier will be required when creating an Invoice or a Credit Limit.

You will find our list of supported Identifiers below.


As Aria expands internationally, this list may grow.

Please feel free to contact support to communicate a specific need.

Eligible countries and identifier types format

For Users (suppliers, beneficiaries)

Kindly be aware that although you have the ability to utilize all of these country codes through our API or dashboard, we reserve the right to decline loans if you do not meet the requirements of a particular country code. Your eligibility will be determined and clarified during the onboarding process.

countryCodeCountry nameidentifierTypeIdentifier name
ADAndorranrtNúmero de Registre Tributari
AEUnited Arab EmiratestrnTax Registration Number
ARArgentinacuitClave Única de Identificación Tributaria
ATAustriavat-numberVAT Number
BEBelgiumvat-numberVAT Number
BEBelgiumcbenCrossroads Bank for Enterprises Number
BGBulgariavat-numberVAT Number
CACanadadunsData Universal Numbering System
CACanadabnBusiness Number
CHSwitzerlandvat-numberVAT Number
CHSwitzerlandchrnSwiss Single Registration Number
CLChilerunRol Único Nacional
COColombianitNúmero de Identificación Tributaria
CYCyprusvat-numberVAT Number
CZCzechiavat-numberVAT Number
DEGermanyvat-numberVAT Number
DKDenmarkvat-numberVAT Number
EEEstoniavat-numberVAT Number
ESSpainvat-numberVAT Number
ESSpaincifCódigo de Identificación Fiscal
FIFinlandvat-numberVAT Number
FRFrancesiretSystème Informatique pour le Répertoire des Entreprises sur le Territoire
FRFrancesirenSystème Informatique pour le Répertoire des Entreprises
FRFrancevat-numberVAT Number
GBUnited Kingdomvat-numberVAT Number
GBUnited KingdomcroCompany Registration Organisation
GBUnited KingdomutrUnique Tax Reference
GRGreecevat-numberVAT Number
HRCroatiavat-numberVAT Number
HUHungariavat-numberVAT Number
IEIrelandvat-numberVAT Number
INIndiapanPermanent Account Number
ITItaliacofisCodice Fiscale
ITItaliareaNumero del Repertorio Economico Amministrativo
ITItaliavat-numberVAT Number
LTLithuaniavat-numberVAT Number
LULuxembourgvat-numberVAT Number
LVLatviavat-numberVAT Number
MDMoldovaidnoIdentificatorul de Stat al Persoanei
MDMoldovavat-numberVAT Number
MTMaltavat-numberVAT Number
NLNetherlandsvat-numberVAT Number
NLNetherlandskvkKamer van Koophandel
PLPolandvat-numberVAT Number
PTPortugalNIFNúmero de Identificação Fiscal
PTPortugalvat-numberVAT Number
PTPortugalnipcNúmero de Identificação de Pessoa Colectiva
RORomaniavat-numberVAT Number
SASaudi ArabiatinTax identification Number given by Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority
SASaudi ArabiacrnCommercial Registration Number
SESwedenvat-numberVAT Number
SGSingaporeuenUnique Entity Number
SISloveniavat-numberVAT Number
SKSlovakiavat-numberVAT Number
USUnited StatesdunsData Universal Numbering System
USUnited StateseinEmployer Identification Number

For Credit Limits, Debtors (end clients), Invoices

To have the most instantaneous experience, please respect the formats below as much as possible. To understand how Quotes and Credit Limits work and why you may experience a non-instantaneous process for some identifier types: Read About Lending Eligibility.


Please note that while you can create objects with various countries, any Loans or Invoices with a country not included in the list defined during your onboarding will be rejected.


🟢 Instant decision-making for Credit Limits most of the time, if the format is respected and the Debtor is eligible.

🟡 Some Credit Limits may be decided instantly. More immediate responses will come with time.

🔴 Low or no coverage for instant decision-making, we are working on it!


countryCodeCountry nameidentifierTypeIdentifier NameFormatInstant Credit Limit?
ATAustriavat-numberVAT NumbercountryCode + digits🟢
BEBelgiumvat-numberVAT NumbercountryCode + digits🟢
BEBelgiumcbenCrossroads Bank for Enterprises Number10 digits, starting with 0 or 1🟡
BGBulgariavat-numberVAT NumbercountryCode + digits🔴
CHSwitzerlandchrnSwiss Single Registration NumberCHE-[0-9]{3}.[0-9]{3}.[0-9]{3}🟢
CHSwitzerlandvat-numberVAT NumberCHE-[0-9]{3}.[0-9]{3}.[0-9]{3}🟢
CYCyprusvat-numberVAT NumbercountryCode + digits🔴
CZCzech Republicvat-numberVAT NumbercountryCode + digits🔴
DEGermanyhrHandelsregisterHR[A/B] ####(#) (B?) #####. Spaces are important.🟢
DEGermanyvat-numberVAT NumbercountryCode + digits🟢
DKDenmarkvat-numberVAT NumbercountryCode + digits🟡
EEEstoniavat-numberVAT NumbercountryCode + digits🔴
ESSpaincifCódigo de Identificación Fiscal (CIF) or Número de Identificación Fiscal (NIF)One letter followed by 6-8 digits and another letter.🟢
ESSpainvat-numberVAT NumbercountryCode + digits🟢
FIFinlandvat-numberVAT NumbercountryCode + digits🟡
FRFrancesiretSystème Informatique pour le Répertoire des Entreprises sur le Territoire14 digits🟢
FRFrancesirenSystème Informatique pour le Répertoire des Entreprises9 digits🟢
FRFrancevat-numberVAT NumbercountryCode + digits🟢
GBUnited Kingdomvat-numberVAT NumbercountryCode + digits🔴
GBUnited KingdomcroCompany Registration Organisation8 digits or Two letters followed by 6 digits.🟢
GBUnited KingdomutrUnique Taxpayer Reference10 digits🔴
GRGreecevat-numberVAT NumbercountryCode + digits🟡
HRCroatiavat-numberVAT NumbercountryCode + digits🔴
HUHungaryvat-numberVAT NumbercountryCode + digits🔴
IEIrelandvat-numberVAT NumbercountryCode + digits🔴
ITItalyreaNumero del Repertorio Economico Amministrativo11-16 digits🟢
ITItalyvat-numberVAT NumbercountryCode + digits🟢
LTLithuaniavat-numberVAT NumbercountryCode + digits🔴
LULuxembourgvat-numberVAT NumbercountryCode + digits🟢
LVLatviavat-numberVAT NumbercountryCode + digits🔴
MTMaltavat-numberVAT NumbercountryCode + digits🔴
NLNetherlandskvkKamer van Koophandel8 digits🟢
NLNetherlandsvat-numberVAT NumbercountryCode + digits🟢
PLPolandvat-numberVAT NumbercountryCode + digits🟡
PTPortugalnipcNúmero de Identificação de Pessoa Colectiva9 digits🔴
PTPortugalvat-numberVAT NumbercountryCode + digits🔴
RORomaniavat-numberVAT NumbercountryCode + digits🟡
SASaudi ArabiatinTax identification Number given by Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority10 digits or 15 digits🟡
SASaudi ArabiacrnCommercial Registration Number10 digits🟡
SESwedenvat-numberVAT NumbercountryCode + digits🔴
SISloveniavat-numberVAT NumbercountryCode + digits🔴
SKSlovakiavat-numberVAT NumbercountryCode + digits🔴
USUnited StatesdunsData Universal Numbering System9 digits🟡
USUnited StateseinEmployer Identification Number9 digits (00-0000000)🟡

For Quotes

We respond instantly to quote requests (no manual review), so we suggest using the following identifier types.


countryCodeCountry nameidentifierTypeIdentifier NameFormat
BEBelgiumvat-numberVAT NumbercountryCode + digits
CHSwitzerlandchrnSwiss Single Registration NumberCHE-[0-9]{3}.[0-9]{3}.[0-9]{3}
DEGermanyhrHandelsregisterHR[A/B] ####(#) (B?) #####. Spaces are important.
ESSpaincifCódigo de Identificación Fiscal (CIF) or Número de Identificación Fiscal (NIF)One letter followed by 6-8 digits and another letter.
FRFrancesiretSystème Informatique pour le Répertoire des Entreprises sur le Territoire9 digits
FRFrancesirenSystème Informatique pour le Répertoire des Entreprises14 digits
FRFrancevat-numberVAT NumbercountryCode + digits
GBUnited KingdomcroCompany Registration Organisation8 digits or Two letters followed by 6 digits.
ITItalyreaNumero del Repertorio Economico Amministrativo11-16 digits
LULuxembourgvat-numberVAT NumbercountryCode + digits
NLNetherlandskvkKamer van Koophandel8 digits