March 21, 2024

Non-developers can find useful information following this emoji: 💡.


  • 💡New countries available: We just added a lot of new countries in our API and our dashboard, for Beneficiaries and Debtors.
    • You will find a new dynamic list following this link.
    • As a reminder, we will be also removing some countries on April 2, 2024.


  • Link a Credit limit to an Invoice: We added creditLimitId field to Invoices in our API to link a Debtor if you only use the Credit limit object in your integrations.
  • GDPR endpoint: We added a new endpoint in our API so you can request the deletion of personal information from our databases.

What's next

  • 💡New reasons: We will be adding new refusal reasons and descriptions on Loans, as we did with active block reasons few months ago. Additionally, we plan to expand the existing list with more block reasons.