January 22, 2024

Non-technical users can find useful release information following the light bulb 💡.


  • 💡Instant payouts in EUR: You can have your euro payments triggered instantly. To activate this feature, please reach out to your dedicated Key Account Manager. Learn more.
  • 💡USD: US Dollars has recently been added in the list of the supported currencies. Learn more.


  • 💡Multi-currency credit-limits: It is now possible to create one credit-limit per currency for each Debtor. Learn more.
  • 💡Better blocked loans management: We released a list of new blocked reasons to help you understand why we blocked your advance payment request and what is to be done. See the full list here.
  • Sandbox developer mode: We released a set of improvements on the sandbox dashboard to make the developers feature more stable.

Upcoming breaking changes

  • New validation on content-type: We’re adding a new validation on uploads. From February 26, 2024, you will have to set the proper Content-Type, depending on the file type you upload, using upload or advance endpoints. See the full list of upcoming breaking changes.